• Ease to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energetic production costs
  • Mixing for coloration system
  • Reduced mixing time
  • Automatic control of production

CARFEL vertical shaft mixers are the perfect solution for the production of ready mixed concrete and mortars, containing a high percentage of success. They are distinguished by being robust mixers with a high durability, because being easily rehabilitated, they incorporate materials easily replaceable that increase their useful life, and present a high performance with low maintenance required. Its powerful reducers ensure a maximum power of operation, which achieve complete homogenization of the material to mix. The alimentation of the mixing drum is done by the use of a skip and scales for aggregates and water on its upper part, that ensures an efficient batching totally controlled, which affects the final parameters of mixing.

The vertical shaft mixers allow an efficient cleaning of the mixing drum interior through access windows for this purpose. Like other mixers, they own the impact absorption caused by the mixing process, by incorporating the height adjustment of the anti-wear blades.

The accuracy level for the height adjustment for the mixing blades and adjusting plates ranslates directly into a quality increment in the final result of the mixture, reduces wear and protects the satellites impacts and crashes. Vertical shaft mixers can have various ranges of course depend on the intended production, with capabilities like 500,750,1125,1500,1850,2250 and 3000 L.

One of its biggest advantages compared to the others, is to have the fully automatic control. This computer control system is responsible for the individual quantities of the components to mix and create the desired mixture. If required , the control system can be fitted to obtain visualization, statistical, mix programs, printer, remote control, etc. , thus making the implementation more efficient and cost effective.

Capacity (L)Weight aggregates (kg)Weight concrete (kg)Cement scale (kg)Water scale (L)Total power (kW)Velocity (r.p.m.)Power Skip (kW)Velocity Skip (r.p.m.)
Capacity (L)Volume of material per cycle (m3)Hour Production (m3)Day Production (8h) (m3)