• Robust reducers and powerful engines for obtaining maximum power;
  • Mixing countercurrent system so that all the energy is transferred to the concrete;
  • Liner plates with high resistance to abrasion;
  • Mixing paddles in cast iron or rubber for more durability;
  • Ease to operate and low maintenance;
  • Reduced operating energy costs;
  • Perfect mix of additives;
  • Homogenization of all the particles of smaller dimensions;
  • Easy cleaning due to the existence of access doors.

Planetary mixers CARFEL can produce all types of concrete with maximum quality. They have short mixing times and optimization of consumption for energy, water and cement. Are the perfect solution for the production of concrete pavers, curbs, shuttering blocks, tubes and rings. With their high mixing intensity, planetary mixers are particularly suitable for concrete products with a low percentage of cement and water, obtaining a perfect homogenization of the mixing components.

All engines are installed outside the mixing tank to protect them and to allow easy access. The planetary mixers have various ranges from 750L capacities up to 2250L. Due to these different ranges, the mixing system can be accomplished with one or two satellite units, providing an effective protection of the equipment against shock and vibration caused by the system.

The mixing paddles allow for height adjustment. They are individually adjusted to all applications and are made of special anti wear material. The level of accuracy in regulating the height of the mixing paddles, and adjusting plates, resulting directly into a quality increment in the final result of the mixture.

To allow greater access for maintenance and servicing, the mixer can be equipped with one or two windows (depending on its size) for access to the mixing tank, being protected by the position switches, so as to ensure the safety of operators, consistent with the safety standards for machines. If required, the mixer has replaceable wear lining plates or plates antiwear welded or any other similar material. The material that applies to the plate depends on the texture of the concrete mix.

Planetary mixers CARFEL are the perfect choice for obtaining a wide range of different types of concrete, they may contain large variety of aggregates and additives. As added value, are also ideal for mixing other types of materials, such as ceramics, clay, lime, sand and brick.

All planetary mixers are equipped with a fully automatic control system. This computer based control system is responsible for individual quantities of the components to mix and create the desired mixture. If requested, this control system can be equipped to get a visualization, statistics, combination of programs, printer, remote control, etc., thus making the most efficient and profitable production.

Capacity (L)Production (m3)Hour production (m3/h)Weight aggregates (kg)Concrete weight (kg)Cement scale (kg)Water scale (L)Total power (kW)Velocity (r.p.m.)Power Skip (kW)Velocity Skip (r.p.m.)
7500,530105012002501501515 / 305,546
11250,7545157518004002202215 / 307,546
1500160210024005003003015 / 301141
18751,2575262530007003703715 / 301541
22501,590315036008504504515 / 3018,541
Capacity (L)Volume of material per cycle (m3)Hour Production (m3)Day Production (8h) (m3)