We do our best to have a fast and efficient service.

In order to always meet your requirements, we select the best professionals to ensure quality work and results worthy of our and your reputation in the profession.

With a qualified engineering and design department, we offer the opportunity to show you the first stage of the projection equipment to the building that will host your unit. The installation of equipment and training of operators in charge of production will be carried out by our team, if necessary we also carry out after­sales service operations.


We offer the ability to monitor the manufacture of your equipment at every stage of its production. Our technicians will facilitate you will all the necessary information.


Our technicians undertake to seek the best possible solutions for each project, with the objective to better satisfy the needs and requirements of those who want to install a new machine. The building plan and the positioning of the manufacturing unit are made by the buyer, so this way accelerates and ensures a more accurate execution.



A full service you will also be provided during the installation of the machine. One of our technicians will provide your operator all instructions directly on site. Our company is at your disposal for any further information.



All CARFEL equipment are designed in modern and current 3D CAD systems. We use the best materials for each part produced and guarantee a standard of quality subject to constant checks. In the manufacture of modules and parts in our machines, it is used only certified steel, combined with cutting and machining CNC. In this way, we achieve tighter tolerances, and always provide the best and most reliable product.

Existing terrain topography and desired productivity, the technical department of CARFEL develop draft full facilities including the layout of equipment and production systems. Our professional team becomes involved from the design of machinery, equipment and production lines; including all their lesson plans, as automation and process control, with the latest appropriate technology.

Through the optimization of implementation projects, our technicians are committed to providing quality and extended operation.

Our goal is to satisfy customer needs, identifying them in a clear and objective manner, focusing on training and increasing the capacity of its technicians.

Research, development, monitoring and cooperation allow us to optimize the productivity of our customers.


The vibration is essential for the production of concrete elements.

This is the most sensitive aspect and what distinguishes the quality of our machines. As such, in recent years we have been focusing our efforts on the part of technological progress at the level of vibration equipment and systems in order to optimize the cement consumption (a good vibration significantly reduces the consumption of cement).

This way, our customers manufacture their components with a high quality of compaction, reducing cement consumption and increasing the resistance of their products.

CARFEL applies to developing mechanical systems for fast and easy maintenance with digital electronic control systems.

Together ensure a uniform vibration throughout the vibration table, reaching centrifugal forces on the order of 200 000 N, which may be controlled and optimized according to the specified requirements.