• Robust and durable system
  • Adaptable to customer needs
  • Various options can be included
  • Building area for reduced implementation
  • Fully automated system
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access to intervention areas

Stationary concrete plants are intended for clients whose goal is through automation of their production.

In this way and using the different options that are offered, mixer is completely autonomous and the aggregate dosing and mixing humidity control, all this is possible thanks to the high technology implementation in throughout the entire system.

This type of plant can be equipped with:


System aggregate supply;

System for storage and dosing aggregates;

Additive dosing system;

Silos supply system for big-bags;

Humidity control;

Depending on the desired production rate by the client, the units are provided with the most suitable mixer, thereby designing high performance and cost. The entire installation project of plants, including equipment that complement the whole process as well as optimizing the deployment of space, is carried out by the technical team of CARFEL going to meet a constant improvement of manufactured products.

The production of this type of central depends on the mixer to be selected, however these options are adjustable and output goes from 0,3 m3 to 2 m3 for each work cycle.