• Easily transportable
  • Adaptable to customer needs
  • Various options can be included
  • Easy installation on site
  • Fully automated system
  • Fast execution cycles
  • Easy access to intervention areas
  • Solid and robust structure

The CARFEL modular stations are characterized by their robustness, durability, speed of assembly and transportability. The entire installation project, including equipment that complement the whole process is carried out by the Technical CARFEL team according to the needs required by the customer.

In order to use any material production, this type of plant can be equipped with systems such as:


System aggregate supply;

System for storage and dosing aggregates;

Additive dosing system;

Silos supply system for big-bags;

Humidity control;

Concrete central modular intended to small / medium-sized production, and these will always depend on the type of mixer with which it is intended to equip the same.

Due to their structure type, this type of central is divided into two modules characterized by:

Aggregates storage system;

Structure with mixer and accessories.

The production of this type of central depends on the mixer to be selected, however these options are adjustable and output goes from 0,3 m3 to 2 m3 for each work cycle.