• Semi-automatic stationary hydraulic concrete pipes making machine
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Robust structure
  • Semi-automatic mould filling
  • Mould inserted into the ground
  • Manual mould change
  • Wide range of pipes manufactured
  • Easy installation

The HCF30 machine is the one which allows to obtain a best relation between available production diameters. By its design, with the floor modification of the mould elements, its capacity to manufacture products with maximum diameter increases, reaching the 3000mm. The HCF30 offers a best asset in relation with the other machines because it allows the manufacturing of products with an inner diameter between 100mm and 3000mm and with a maximum length of 1000mm.

Its handling is easy, and it works with two operators, and its filling may be realized automatically.

The extraction of the product is quite quick, because this is hydraulically removed from the moulding area; there is nothing to do just to carry them to the curing area manually.

To change the mould, using a bridge crane is recommended in order to extract and reposition the mould in the moulding area with caution and precision, ensuring the normal operation.

Minimum interior diameter (mm)Maximum exterior diameter (mm)Length (mm)Total power (kW)Current voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Hydraulic pressure (bar)Acoustic pressure (dB)Implantation area (sqm)
Type of productUnits per cycle