• Allows you to reduce, reuse and recycle;
  • Crushes only ceramics materials (non-reinforced concrete, bricks, tiles, etc.);
  • Robust structure;
  • Ease of use with low maintenance;
  • Easily transportable;
  • Rapid return of investment;
  • Replaceable Parts;
  • Reliable and safe.

The TCF10 crusher is designed to essentially crush concrete blocks, allowing reuse blocks with defects. It is manufactured from high quality materials, in accordance with its use. This equipment requires very little maintenance and enables adjust the final size of the desired grain by replacing the screen.

It allows REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE blocks that do not have the desired characteristics or that are broken, allowing you to use the material as filler or sub-base, such as gravel, cement, drainage material, among other applications.

All these uses create great savings in material and transportation to the owner, quickly maximizing investment. It also allows the Brick grinding, concrete (not reinforced) and other fragile ceramics.

The TCF10 crusher can also be supported on a platform thereby altering the deposition of the material for example for BIG-BAG. All these changes and others, can be discussed with the CARFEL technical services, which certainly present an efficient solution taking into account the client’s objectives.

Total power (kW)Current Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)With (mm)Height (mm)Lenght (mm)Acoustic pressure (dB)
ReferenceEngine typeHour Production (m3/h)