• Automatic hydraulic stationary block machine
  • Face mix device
  • Easily change of mould
  • Automatic curing
  • Production line with automatic palletizer
  • Variable instantaneous vibration

XBLOC with a stationary press and a synchronized vertical vibrating table with mass variation system, start and immediate stop, constant rotation that allows a higher capacity to produce quality blocks, interjoist blocks, kerbs, pavers, and other quality and resistant items on a maximum horizontal area of 1300x1300mm, and with a range of heights from 60 to 300mm.

The XBLOC is entirely automatic with times and production parameters to be introduced and recorded in the CPU, ensuring the repeatability of the filling process, pressing et the extraction of elements which ensure a low standard deviation of the elements, the whole process is really intuitive and ease.

The filling and the warehousing of the wooden boards for the XBLOC, as the fresh element transportation towards the curing chamber and the the hardened elements transportation towards the palletization for expedition are made automatically with a finger car or automated stacker car and with a robot palletizer, what turns this production line automatic and with a high productive capacity, and without recurring to the workforce.

The XBLOC may be equipped of a face mix device, and with this, color pavers and excellent finishing can be created, this is due to the use of fine mortars covering the apparent surface, without compromising the resistance because the base structure uses a stronger and more resistant mortar.

Every adjusts and settings of the machine use computer assistance, ensuring a faster operation and without recurring to the workforce and reducing loss of production time.

Boards dimensions (mm)Range of heights (mm)Cycles per minuteTotal power (kW)Current Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Hydraulic pressure (bar)Pneumatic pressure (bar)Acoustic pressure (dB)Implantation (sqm)Implantation height (m)
1400 x 1400 x 4560-3005250230/40050/60140610218006
Type of productUnits per cyclesProduction per hourProduction in 8h
Block 50 x 20 x 2018432034560
Block 50 x 20 x1524576046080
Block 50 x 20 x1036864069120
Kerb 12/15 x 25 x1006m960m7680m
Paver1,2 sqm288 sqm2304 sqm