• Semi automatic hydraulique block machine
  • Vibrating table
  • Reinforced structure of the vibrating table
  • Multipurpose
  • Easily change of mould
  • Easy of operation and maintenance
  • Pumps pressure adjustments and main movements adjustments
  • Small work área

The HCF5 is a low­cost and compact machine, with ease operation and maintenance. As its table is fastened, that allows a higher capacity to produce quality blocks, interjoist blocks, kerbs, pavers, and other quality items in a useful production area of 850x500mm, and it can produce elements with a range of height from 60 to 250mm.

Despite of its compact size, the HCF5 is robust and equipped with electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components. Those facilitate the repeatability of the filling process, pressing et the extraction of elements which ensure a low standard deviation of the elements. It is a machine allowing the operator intuitive and easy operation.

The filling and the warehousing of the wooden boards for the HCF5, as the fresh element transportation towards the curing are made manually with a special forklift for that purpose. Thus, the production line is compact, ease and with reduced maintenance.

Boards dimension s (mm)Range of heights (mm)FaceCyclesTotal power (kW)Current Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Hydraulic pressure (bar)Acoustic pressure (dB)ImplantationImplantation
900 x 540 x 45 60-250 No1,5 7230/400 50/60 120932006

Maximum length until 80 cm

Type of productUnits per cyclesProductionProduction in 8h
Block 50 x 20 x 20 43602880
Block 50 x 20 x15 54503600
Block 50 x 20 x10 76305040
Kerb 15 x 25 x 802144m1152m
Paver0,4m²24m² 192m²
The values presented are estimates.