• Forced mixing system
  • Robust and powerful reducer
  • Use of coatings to raise the durability of the structure
  • Low cost and long-term solution
  • Ease operation
  • Good level of quality and quantity of mixed product
  • Spare parts easily replaced
  • One opening hatch
  • Low maintenance

The MCF400 forced mixer is used to prepare concrete, that ensures a optimal final result of mixing.

The forced mixers are the low cost and efficient choice for the production of ready mixed concrete and mortars, their use has for consequence a better quality of product, which will depend itself on the quality of the raw material. With this type of mixers, we obtain a greater homogeneity of the raw material, what differentiates it from the other processes. Thanks to its system of central axis, it purposes a continuous production improvement, because its gyratory mixing arms contain an essential absorption system for the impact caused by the aggregates.

The MCF400 mixer has in its interior steel coatings that increase the useful life of the equipment, as those may be replaced when it will be necessary. This type of mixers may be purchased with or without skip; it depends on aims put forward by the customer.

Capacity (L)Total power (kW)Current voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Height of mixing drum (mm)Nr of blades (un)Acoustic pressure (dB)Maximum size of aggregates (mm)
Capacity (L)Volume of material per cycle (m3)Hour Production (m3)Day Production (8h) (m3)